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The Best Kid's Bedrooms

While I was grateful to have a roof over my head growing up, these bedrooms make me realize just what pathetic slackers my mom and dad actually were.

Hilariously Adorable Baby Pictures

Who doesn't love a baby ruining a perfectly good portrait with hilarious facial expressions?

Japanese Love Hotels

Love Hotels are quite popular in Japan.  Like a normal hotel, they contain a bed to sleep in (and do other things, I'm told), but unlike a typical hotel, they are all designed around particular themes so that couples (or more than a couple, I guess) can live out their fantasies.  No word on if these rooms can be rented by the hour.

Everyday Fails

Here at The Slightly Warped Website, we celebrate failure it all of its amusing forms... unless it happens to us because that's not funny.

Bridge Building

The people of Cuzco, Peru spend three and a half days creating a hand-woven suspension bridge over the Apurimac River every year.  This is an amazing village tradition that has been going on for centuries.

Interesting Pictures

Some pretty, some ugly, some heartbreaking, and some showing you a world you've never seen.  Enjoy them!

This Ain't Good!

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you can't do anything about it, but you still have just enough time to thoughtfully consider just how screwed you are?

More Engrish

I love bad translations.  They're so happy banana clock fun time hour ass die.

Simple Yet Clever

Sometimes, it's the simplest demonstrations of cleverness that you appreciate the most.

People Messing With Statues

Statues are silent and somber expressions of art or the remembrance of great people so it's perfectly natural that some folk would totally mess with them.

Amazing Glass Treehouse

Nestled in the forests of Almaty, Kazakhstan, this four story high glass treehouse cost the owner £240,000 and was designed by Architect Aibek Almasov.

Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks

Turns out Scooby Doo was a lot more brave than I gave him credit. No way would I go into one of these places after dark!

3D Printed Kayak

With the use of 3D scanning and printing technology, you can make a Kayak in the shape of anything...


Oh, Japan!


Amusing General Knowledge Facts

Facts to make you smile and feel goooood.

American Castles

While Europe is known for hogging most of the castles for itself, you can find a handful of impressive keeps in America as well.  Here are a few of them... and by "few," I mean "most."  Still, these little-known fortresses are beautiful to look at.

The Difference Adoption Makes

These before and after photos show the amazing difference a loving home makes on homeless dogs.

The Most Dangerous Toys Ever

If you owned any of these toys as a kid, you are probably dead now.

Delicious Irony

The irony runs deep with these pictures as is the irony of when someone argues what irony really is.  Is that ironic?  Of course it is.

Coincidental Ads

Have you ever been surfing YouTube or Google and get the feeling that the collective consciousness of the internets is trying to tell you something?

The 70 Year Old Traffic Jam

Welcome to The Chatillion Car Graveyard in Belgium.  The urban legend says that the cars belonged to US servicemen who couldn't take them back to the states after World War II, but...

Hairless Animals

Take a coat of fur off a normal animal and it almost becomes unrecognizable!  Can you guess what you're looking at before you read the caption?

Fish Overtake an Abandoned Mall

When fish are introduced into an abandoned and flooded mall to combat a mosquito infestation, they take the place over!

Creepy Paris Nightclubs of the 1920's

Two decades into the 20th century, Parisians experienced a great interest in the macabre and so, a number of dark nightclubs opened across the city:  the most famous at the time was “The Cabaret de l’Enfer” (The Cabaret of Hell).

Jacob's Well

Jacob's Well in the Texas Hill Country is actually the four meter wide opening of a spring that feeds the Blanco River.  This is one of the most popular (and most dangerous) diving spots in the entire state.

Amazing Historical Pictures

Here we go again with a collection of little known photos from history to entertain you and teach you a little something.  This month's gallery is 100 percent Hitler free!!!

Fast Food Follies

Fast food joints don't have to be the depressing temples of unhealthiness and fat we sometimes see them as.  Sometimes, in fact, they hold hidden joys for all who look for them.

As Ghetto As You Can Get

Ever take the wrong exit and end up in the twilight zone of the ghetto?  If not, get a load of what you've missed.

Gross Facts

Here are some facts that are guaranteed to make your skin crawl... unless you get off on that sort of thing which is kind of a gross fact in of itself.

This is How

Bringing you all the pictorial answers and useless facts you never knew you always wanted to know!

Awesome Photos

A gallery like this isn't really about a single subject, but rather a collection of photos and images that capture something amazing whether it be beautiful, funny, or otherwise memorable.

Innocent Children's Spelling Mistakes

If you find any of this inappropriate, the fault is in your perverted head.

People Are Assholes

Everyone knows at least one asshole and, if you don't... it's you.

Giant Underground Trampoline

Bounce Below is an incredible and somewhat terrifying installation in a mine around Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales.

So Close...

So close... Worked surprisingly hard on this crappy comic, thumb either way. How you feel when you have 10 unread texts after a day of not using your phone: Yes

So close to awesomeness... and yet so far.

History in Color

Presenting a collection of colorized photos from history.  Somehow, the colorization process from these digital artists make the past seem more alive.

Plastic Surgery Horrors

Attention celebrities and debutants of the world... stop doing this to yourselves!  You look like Hellraiser extras!

Fantastically Crude Jokes

I dare you not to smile.  That's right... I dare you.  With money.  Not my money, of course. 

Digital Effects Before and After

Say what you will about CGI effects in movies, the things they are able to do with them that you would have never otherwise noticed is amazing.

Design Fails

Design is a complicated thing with many variables and artistic possibilities, but to mess things up this badly takes true talent.

The Neighborhood Watch

These are either the safest neighborhoods in the country, or someone with some oversized stickers got bored. Either way, living here would be a blast!

Pun and Games

Who doesn't love a great pun?  I tried writing some once, but like a tight pair of pants, I just couldn't pull it off.

Car Humor

The automobile is an American tradition as much as apple pie, Taco Bell, and sushi and, as such, a lot of weird, cute, and funny things happen in, around and near there.  Here are a few.

Faith in Humanity... Destroyed Again!

We've celebrated the best that humanity has to offer and now... behold the dickbags. 

Snap Chat Wins

While Snapchat can be a wretched hive of scum and douchebaggery, some folks on there are doing it right.

Am I The Only One...?

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, you're probably not the only one when you ask if you're the only one.  These guys, however... probably are.

Fishing Spiders

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water...  Spiders are well known as the eight-legged NOPE! of the world, preying on insects and other small animals, but did you know they also have an affinity for seafood?  These monsters live all over the world from the US to Australia, South America and Europe.

Genius Ideas

Someone better be getting a Nobel Prize for some of these innovations!

The Absolutely Fabulous Skeletons of the Fake Saints

When this treasure trove of saints' remains were discovered in Rome, the skeletons were bejeweled and put on display for the faithful. There was one problem, though...

Creepy Old Medical Pictures

The look and function of some of this stuff might just give you the willies, but then again, what do you think a doctor from 100 years from now will say about the stuff we use?

Facts You Never Knew You Never Wanted to Know

These are facts and musings you will be thinking about for a long time... no matter how much you wished you wouldn't.

Better Look Twice!

This is a collection of pictures that you just can't take a quick perfunctory glance at.  These are pictures that deserve a second look.

Why Rich Kids Are The Worst...

Constantly bragging, unable to take care of themselves, spoiled, and full of themselves, these are the kind of kids you just want to slap with a minimum wage job and a healthy dose of reality.

A Teacher's Awesome Whiteboard Drawings

Mr. Gaston from Dallas Independent School District drew these amazing cartoon whiteboard drawings every week to keep his students entertained in his theater class.

The Beauty of Kindness

Once every other month, we like to gather up pictures from the past that have caught our attention and show them off to you for your enjoyment.  So, have fun skipping through history, kids!

Facebook Philosophy

Happy Father's Day!  Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad... I know, it also takes a real man to be a mother.  Don't get your panties in a twist, ladies.

The Body Art of Johannes Stoetter

If you spend enough time searching Netflix for something to watch, you're bound to run into a few amusing anomalies.

Beautiful Views from Above

Satellite images can find previously unknown beauty from its vantage point above the clouds.  Even nondescript neighborhoods look almost artistic from above.

More Rare Historical Photos

Once every other month, we like to gather up pictures from the past that have caught our attention and show them off to you for your enjoyment.  So, have fun skipping through history, kids!

Salute to the Dads

Happy Father's Day!  Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad... I know, it also takes a real man to be a mother.  Don't get your panties in a twist, ladies.

Nutty Netflix Finds

If you spend enough time searching Netflix for something to watch, you're bound to run into a few amusing anomalies.

Best Friends

If you've been lucky to be in a bromosexual bromance, you'll love these pictures.  If you haven't got a best friend, you'll still love them so whatever...

What Are the Odds?

Welcome to a gallery devoted to the rare times when the universe aligns just right and awesomeness spontaneously happens.

Workplace Antics

Work sucks unless you work in a place that allows you to have fun... then it sucks slightly less.

Acts of Celebrity Kindness

We often hear stories of celebrities acting like spoiled brats, flaunting the law, and being generally despicable people which is why stories like these should give you hope that there are some famous folk that are good at heart.

Amusing Facts

These may not make you smarter, but they will amuse you and that's got to count for something!

Spiders in New Zealand

Here you can see a swarm of the spider arachnis hellnoicus from the Nevergoingthere region of New Zeland.  Bilbo must have really pissed these little bastards off.

That's Interesting!

There's no rhyme or reason to this gallery, just a collection of pictures that are interesting in a general way. Enjoy them. Don't question it.

Stupid People Online

Stupid people are everywhere and have even learned to use the internets!  They surf among you... they are in your Facebooks and Twitters being dumb and ignorant about everything!  You cannot escape.

So Close and Yet So Far

Here are some pictorial examples of how close things get to being awesome or normal... but miss it by just a little bitty bit.

Wacky Wedding Days

Ah, wedded bliss.  The euphoria of being with the one you love before the reality of married life crashes around you and that feeling of love for your spouse is replaced by treachery and loathing.  All right, maybe I'm not the best one to write the introduction to this gallery.

Faith in Humanity Restored... Again

Just when you think that war, pollution, greed and Republicans couldn't make the world any worse, ordinary men and women from around the world and all walks of faith prove that there is good in the world that will never be stamped out.

Pig the Dog

Say hello to Pig the Dog, everyone.  Pig is certainly unique looking and not the result of photoshop.  Rather, Pig was born with a deformity that left her without several ribs and part of her spine and also deformed hips and even split her spine in two around her head. 


Can you find the animals cleverly hidden in each of these pictures?  Sure you can, but you can at least marvel at their ability to stay hidden.

The Best of Mom Texts

Moms can seem like superheroes, but texting can be their kryptonite or even turn them into supervillains.

Wrong Number

We've all texted or called the wrong number once or even been on the receiving end of that simple mistake.  These folks here made the most of it and we're all so glad they did.

Truck vs. Cow

Amazingly, there was only one casualty.  Hamburger anyone?

The Art Cave

It's not often that art comes along that you can literally get lost in!  Henrique Oliveira, a Brazilian artist created a giant root-like tunnel for people to explore.

The Pink Waterfall

If you venture to Canada's Cameron Falls during the rainy season and you are very lucky, you will see the waters of the falls and river turn the color of Pepto Bismol.

Best Camp Letter Ever!

This kid has been exposed to a whole new world which is, I'm sure, the very reason he was sent to camp in the first place.  Money well spent.

Passive Aggressivness

All you miserable pukes who would rather leave a sarcastic or whiney note rather than just speak to people? I don't need to leave any names.  You know who you are.

Food Packaging of Tomorrow

Why do we put perishable food in disposable containers that never break down and just add to the growing mounds of garbage we throw away every year?  The idea behind this ingenious packaging is to create containers with the shelf life of the food they contain.

The Incredible Wonder of Planet Earth

Prepare to have your breath taken away and then given back by this collection of animated gifs celebrating the beauty and wonder of the planet you're on.

Simply Great Photos

You don't need Photoshop to create fantastic pictures as evidenced by this large collection of some of the very best.  Each one is largely unedited and caught what the naked eye saw.

Animal Antics

Prepare for the cuteness!  These excellent animals are out to lick your face, tickle your funny bone and pee on everything you love.

Funny Yearbook Quotes: Class of 2014 Edition

Every year, yearbooks across the world ask their senior classmen for a yearbook quote and, every year, a few of these up and coming graduates go above and beyond in their choice of words.

Technological Fails

Technology had allowed us to conquer the Earth, walk on the moon, and fling little birds at pigs and it all works great until it doesn't... then the rape and cannibalism begins.


That awkward moment when your shadow is getting more action than you do.

Impressive Stuff

Are you in the mood to be impressed by people who are smarter, more creative, more skilled, and generally better than you could ever hope to be?  I certainly hope you are because here comes the awesome!

The Evolution of Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters might never age, but that doesn't mean they don't change.  As looks are refined either due to the decade, artist skill, or changing technology, some of our favorite toons are almost unrecognizable when compared to their first appearances.

Panoramic Photo Fails

The panoramic option on smart phones is a great piece of technology that allows users to capture images previously thought impossible and it works great until it doesn't.

Movie Easter Eggs

Some of these you might know, others may be new to you, but all of them are fun tidbits of useless but clever movie making info.

Silly Tourists at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Behold the tourist, in awe of the novelty and beauty of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, they do an interpretive dance as a tribute to the legendary structure.  Let's watch... and laugh.

Summer Sucks

Without a doubt, it's my least favorite time of the year, but at least I can laugh about this horrid few months of hell on earth.

Context Free Comics

Take an innocent comic book of days gone by, remove a single panel and present it without explanation and some messed up and funny stuff happens.

Creepy Pictures from the Past

I have no idea what's going on in this photos and I'm not sure I want to know.  What I do know is, they are spooky and creepy and the past was probably filled with skeletons, death, and murder.

Shut Up and Take My Money!

Presenting a collection of things you never knew you wanted and probably will never be able to afford.  You're welcome.

I Came Home to This...

If you've never had a pet, then you will never know the surprises that you sometimes come home to in the form of cuteness or destroyed property.

Babies with Eyebrows

The thing started by a bored dad with an eyebrow pencil has taken over the world!  Now, skeptical and sarcastic babies are everywhere!

Things You Cannot Unsee

Unless you want the blissful illusion that is your life completely upended, for the gods sake, do not read this article! 

Tacky and Terrible Tattoos

Here at The Slightly Warped Website, we pride ourselves on our ability to look down on other people and judge them with extreme prejudice to make us feel better about ourselves.  That being said, look at this idiots...

I Do What I Want!

Look out!  We got some badasses up in here!  Now we pay tribute to those who think that the rules apply to everyone but them and yet... are somehow not complete assholes.

50 Disgusting and Disturbing Facts

Oh hi!  Have you been leading a carefree life with no worries or qualms about the world around you?  Let me ruin that for you.

Trees Eating a World War II Battlefield

Decades ago, a battle was fought in Neva Bridgehead (or Nevsky Pyatachok) area in Russia between German and Russian soldiers.  Today, the battlefield - untouched for years - has become a morbid and strangely beautiful testament to the power of nature to reclaim what man temporarily destroys.

Terrifying Short Stories

How quickly can someone get the chills from a story? These short offerings show how it's done.

Amazing Natural Phenomenon

The world is a beautiful curious place to behold and sometimes, very rarely, it is strange and beautiful in ways you never imagined. 

What Countries Export

Since we know you're all gigantic fans of maps (aren't you?), we've gathered together a collection of maps that visualize what every major country on Earth claims as their chief export.


If you're having a bad day, it's time to turn it all around with this collection of pictures that are guaranteed to destroy all frowns.

Sad Batman

The first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman finally hit the intertubes and, of course, the intertubes made a meme out of it. Check it out and tell us why you think Batman is so sad?

Rare Pictures from History

As we do every other month, here are the latest rare historical pictures we could dig up.  Please enjoy.

No Peeing Here!

Whether you are from America, India, Africa or places beyond and between, the specter of public urination and defecation is a very real and gross one.  Some people just think they can whip it out and give a golden shower on the doorstep or fence of anyone they please!  These business owners, however, have had enough and are making a plea to the community: Please stop tinkling here!

An Odd Truck For a Specific Job

Take a look at this weird half truck.  Believe it or not, this isn't some artistic statement or a vehicle rescued from the junkyard - this truck has a purpose.  Think you can guess what it is?


Rules are more optional guidelines to these rebellious souls who march to the beat of their own guitar and laugh in the face of those who say no.  We salute thee.

The Local News Goofs

Through bad luck, bad timing, or sheer stupidity, these people set bad examples that all of us can laugh at.

50 Fun Facts About Disney Parks

It's the happiest place on Earth for a reason and we've got 50 of them right here.


The USA ain't perfect and in some ways, we're perfectly imperfect and it's in these perfect imperfections that we have reasons to celebrate the strange bizarre underbelly of America known only as 'Murica!

Brilliant Ideas

Laugh at these weird inventions all you want, but somewhere someone is making a million dollars...  probably not off of these ideas, but off of something like internet porn or some junk.

You're Doing It Wrong

Through bad luck, bad timing, or sheer stupidity, these people set bad examples that all of us can laugh at.

Teens Are Dumb

While I fully understand that most of the people who come to this page are teenagers, I also understand that they are very very dumb people and will be until they have kids who will no doubt be dumber.

100 Crazy Facts You Probably Don't Know

Facts about bananas, bees, history, space, time and poop that will blow your dinky little mind!