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Don't Pass Out

The thing about getting drunk and passing out in front of your friends is that, when you wake up, they're not your friends anymore.

Some Interesting Facts

Enjoy some relatively useless information that will benefit you in no way whatsoever... except in their immeasurable entertainment value.

The Definition of a Bad Day

Perhaps you should stop whining and shut the hell up about how bad your day was.  THESE people had a bad day!

Nutty News Stories

A news story this insane must be true!  You know it is because it's on the internet!

Super Rare and Interesting Historical Pictures

I eff'ing love history. I love hearing it, learning about it... but the thing I love most is when I come across things I have never seen before. The only think I love more that that? Sharing it!

50 Facts About Disney Parks Volume 3

Think you know everything about the Happiest Place on Earth?  Think again!  We're back with more Fun Disney Facts!

Abandoned Movie Sets

As amazing as it sounds, when a movie or TV show wraps production, they sometimes leave entire sets behind to rot in the elements.  Here are a few sets and set pieces left behind and slowly deteriorating in the sun.

800 Year Old Textbook Doodles

Next time someone gets on you for doodling in your textbook, remind them that you are upholding an eight century tradition.  These doodles, posted by Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel of the Leiden University in The Netherlands, could very well be something called "pen trials" where Medieval scribes would test their pens by drawing doodles or short sentences.

Children are Assholes

We love them, but you know it's true... they're small, inconsiderate, destructive, and unemployed.

The Internet Salutes Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy was a cultural icon, an world treasure, and a dedicated artist, poet and photographer.  It would be illogical to allow him to pass into the ages without paying our respects and archiving the various reactions we found online.

Leonard Nimoy's Final Spock Performance

Star Trek Into Darkness, sadly, will now mark the final time that Leonard Nimoy played Spock, the role he was so famous for.  These behind the scenes pictures document his last transformation into the beloved character.

Don't be a Dick

Nobody likes the dickkind.  Nobody.  As a public service message, please bear witness to these acts of savage dickery and take notes on how not to be this dickish.

This Can Only End in Tears

Disaster is looming.  It's their fault.  Nothing can be done about it... so let's revel in the coming catastrophes and laugh at their misfortune.

Creepy Photos from the Past

I have no idea what's going on in these pictures and I'm not sure I want to know. The only thing I know is that the past was a fucked up place.


Coincidences are fun.  It's like the universe has a sense of humor.

How to Properly Pamper your Pet

Do you have a pet?  Do you have a lot of disposable income?  Do you have no children?  If that's the case, then brother... here is how to make your dog the happiest pet on Earth.  Yes, I know there are cats on here too, but let's face it... they are never happy.  Never satisfied.  They always want more.

Star Wars Matte Paintings

Before you needed a computer programmer to create amazing landscapes for movies, all you needed was a sheet of glass and a talented artist to transport viewers to a galaxy far far away. 

Nightmare Inducing Children's Toys

Some toys get creepier with age, others just pop out of the box that way.  In any case, I don't think these little dude will be meeting Buzz and Woody anytime soon.

The WTF Files

The strangeness is all around you.  If you have not noticed, it is because you are strange as well.

Pet Expressions

These dogs and cats are cheesin' for the camera with apparently mixed, but nonetheless hilarious, results.

Animal Comments

Tumblr is full of witty people (as well as perverts, racists, and misogynistic 10 year old boys) and they have a lot of funny things to say about animals.

Green Lantern Corpse

We've featured a couple of creepy wakes from Puerto Rico before, but this is a whole new level of weird for us.

I Do What I Want

These are a rebellious few for whom the rules do not apply, the ones who scream "yes" when the world says "no."

The World is Full of Stupid People

They are reproducing faster than smart people!  The future is doomed!

Man, It's Good to be a Gangsta!

You can't prepare yourself for the levels of swag coming your way in this gallery.  Be warned!

Awkward Photos with Celebrities

You know that thin line between being an admirer and becoming creepy?  This is where that line is crossed.

Snow Mall

When winter storms rolled through Ohio in 2015, the ice and snow broke the skylight at the abandoned Rolling Acres Mall in Akron and the result, captured by photographer Seph Lawless, is both beautiful and eerie.


Laughter is the universal language and it's a good thing too because no one really knows what the hell else these people are trying to say.

The Models and Miniatures from the Star Wars Prequels

By no means am I saying that the prequels are great films, but an age-old argument about them, the "they're nothing but green screens and CGI argument, paints an unfair and ill-informed picture of the talented effects team that brought these flawed films to life.

Perfect Fits

This could be the most orgasmically satisfying thing you will see all day.

Creepy Things Kids Say

What is it that turns perfectly ordinary kids into cute little bags of nightmares?

Puns That Are Both Hilarious and Stupid

Oh, what a tangled world wide web we weave on the internet when we salute these crazy stupid puns.

A Day in the Workforce

We all have moments like these at any job. Sometimes it's the only thing to keep us from succumbing to the crushing depression brought on by the runaway inequality of our new oligarchical society... or something.

Totally Innocent Pictures

If you see anything objectionable here, the fault is with you and your perverted mind.

African Child Meets Her First White Person

This little girl in Africa was photographed when she saw her first white person.  Her reaction... is perfectly understandable.

How'd This Happen!?

We're scratching our heads on a few of these and we're experts in stupidity and ridiculousness. Have you got an explanation that doesn't involve aliens or telekinesis?

Dorky Child Stars Who Got Hot

When maturity comes, some of us are lucky enough to win the puberty lottery.  Here are a few dorktastic child stars who did just that...

Speling Matturs

If you can't spell, take five seconds out of your obviously packed day and spellcheck on your phone.  Goddammit, this is the 21st century!

Irony is Ironic

Did you know that it's a sin to argue about what irony is over the internet?  It's true... Allah will smite you!

Pitiful Police Sketches

These actual police sketches will make you wonder how anyone is ever actually caught.

Epic Dads

Speaking as a single father of four terrible children, we honestly don't get enough respect.  So here's your chance to respect us.  Get us a beer or paint the house, you ungrateful little shits.

Facebook's Suggested Ads

Facebook has a very complicated and exact algorithm to suggest content to its users programed with uncanny precision... but today, we're just going to focus on it getting things wrong in hilarious ways.

Pet Guilt

Scientists now say that pets are incapable of feeling guilt based on evidence.  Yeah, right... I got your evidence right here, poindexter!

Teacher Doodles

This 8th/9th grade teacher in Thailand noticed that a lot of his students were doodling on assignments, so he decided to add a little artistic touch of his own.

Picky Eaters

A picky eater knows not logic nor taste, they are ruled by emotions that are silly and childish.  They cannot be reasoned with and they cannot be talked into eating anything green.

Epic Burns

Get a damp cloth and get ready to apply to the affected area.

It Came From the Thrift Store

Thrift Stores are great places to get deals on hard to find items or for parents who hate their children to find clothing, but just as it contains many exciting finds, it also contains many more horrific items.

Anjem Chourdary is a Dick

If religion is a cancer, this guy is a goddamn malignant tumor... a piece of shit who needs to martyr himself with a stick of dynamite up the ass but, wouldn't you know it... he thinks he's too important to the cause.


A Pug is happiness crammed into a dog shaped sack.

Parents Who Are Winning

Trust me.  Being a parent is a tough job.  Sometimes, I'm a little surprised I haven't killed one of them.  Still, even though we parents are driven to the brink of insanity, we do manage a win every now and then... well, not me yet, but I'm hopeful.

Wrong Number Texts

I'm sure we've all texted the wrong person before, right?  Usually, the person on the other end is polite and sets us straight and sometimes, they're a complete smartass and it's glorious.

Fabulous Crocheted Pants

It's not just for scarves and sweaters anymore!  Schuyler Ellers, who runs the Lord von Schmitt Etsy shop, creates dazzlingly colorful patterned crochet shorts out of recycled crocheted blankets that are about to set the fashion world ablaze!

Sweet Perfection

Are you anal retentive and love it when things work out perfectly?  Well then, my dears, this gallery will send you into orgasmic spasms. 

Congratulations!  You're an Idiot!

They walk amongst us.  They have jobs, reproduce and vote... they are the walking stupid.

People Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You

Think you're having a bad day?  Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, have a look at this gallery and then thank whatever gods you believe in that you aren't these people.

Amazing Facts

Facts are fun and you should read and remember as many as you can.  You won't get into a college because of them and they won't win you any friends and they won't lead to an exciting career, but... wait, what?

Old Theater Etiquette Cards

Believe it or not, movie goers were rude assholes a hundred years ago too.  Like today, the early theaters tried to remind these incorrigible dicknuts to act like civilized human beings through etiquette cards a lot like they do today.

Ridiculous Lawyer Billboards

If there's one thing we can take from this gallery, it's that quality legal help is only a phone call away thanks to that ad on the side of the road we saw on the way to the titty bar.

How to Winter

Some folks can just handle a little chill better than others.  Observe them and follow their examples.  The Slightly Warped Website is not responsible for frostbite or hypothermia.

Pooping Around the World

Taking a look at these toilets and... uh... methods from all over the globe, you will agree that there's no place like home... to poop.

Tables Made out of Reclaimed Wood

These are some incredibly beautiful tables made out of wood that most furniture makers wouldn't use.  Greg Klassen, a furniture maker in the American Northwest, has created what he appropriately calls "The River Collection" giving otherwise unloved wood a new life.

Very Interesting Pictures

Here we go again!  These pictures from around the world don't fit into any one particular gallery, we just found them funny or amazing or sad or poignant in some way and decided to display them together for your enjoyment.

Traveling the World by Van

Mike Hudson did what many of us dream about and gave up a normal life for a nomadic one, quitting his job as a systems engineer and converting a rundown, 10-year-old van into a home on wheels called Vandog.

Star Wars Early Concept Designs

Every saga has a beginning and, in this case, it's not the prequels, it's this very early concept art by Colin Cantwell that, for the first time, visualized the X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, and Star Destroyers.  Although the final products differed a hell of a lot, these concepts are nonetheless fascinating and beautiful.

Funny Fliers

You would think that a practical way of communicating the availability or need for goods and services would be immune to shenanigans, but you would be wrong.

Walking in Front of Pictures

To those of you who unknowingly ruined pictures for people all over the world, we salute you!

Shower Thoughts

Don't you wish that you had a way to write down your shower thoughts? These people did with, what I can only assume is some sort of dry erase board. Don't ask me where they stored the markers.

Acts of Delicious Evil

I don't want to go to heaven, because all of the fun people are going to hell.

Awkward Air Travel

Air travel ain't as classy as it used to be.

The Royal Loft Suite

If you have a few days to kill and the cash to afford it, might we suggest the Royal Loft Suite?  It's probably bigger than most of your houses, has countless amenities, butler service and, oh... did we mention it's on board a goddamn cruise ship?  Let's tour Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Sea's most swankiest suite before security finds out we're here.

Pictures to Make You Laugh

No rhyme nor reason here.  Look, see and laugh.  That's it.

Very Lucky People

Coming only an inch away from serious death or injury, it's a good thing that someone filmed these lucky people or we would have never believed it.

The Happiest Animals Ever

I dare you not to smile.  I double dog dare you, you cold-hearted bastards.

Nutty Facts About North Korea

If you think that North Korea is cuckoo for Coco Puffs now, just wait until you read this.

When Pets and Technology Collide

Pets are a lot like my grandparents in that they drool a lot and frequently poop on the floor.  They are also confounded by technology.

Disturbing Video Game Glitches

There's no quicker way of turning an evening of care free fun into a whole lot of nope.

The Future is Now

Still have your doubts that we're living in the future?  Prepare to have them erased.  The singularity is coming!

The Toy Story 3 That Never Was

Some time ago, Disney almost made Toy Story 3 without Pixar.  Strange as that sounds, the studios were at am impasse and, in a ill-advised prick-waggling contest, Disney developed a story and concepts without Pixar's input.  Thankfully, the two studios resolved their differences (by Disney buying Pixar which seems to work) and the Toy Story 3 we all know and love and were mentally and emotionally traumatized by was born but recently, some art from the aborted sans Pixar attempt was released to the public and its a fascinating look at what might have happened.

Ten Days of Extreme Weather

Slovenian photographer Marko Korošec set out to Mount Javornik during a period of extreme winter weatherand captured images unlike anything else seen on Earth.


These pictures are about to make sweet sensual love to your eyeballs and you're going to love every orgasmic moment of it.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body

Given that you're currently operating one, you would think you would know more about the human body than you do.

Internet Philosophy

They say everyone on the internet is a critic, but there are a lot more artists and philosophers out there... they're just a little... different is all.

Accidentally Offensive T-Shirts

Everything was fine and G-rated until that one part creased or you were seen at the wrong angle.

Amazing Star Wars Tattoos

A long time ago on a body part far far away...

Tindr Nightmares

Because if you can't trust someone you met on an app that allows you to superficially judge a person anonymously by looks alone, who can you trust?

Animators Making Faces

One way that classic animators were able to add a little more humanity to their drawings was to make faces in a mirror to study and mimic them on paper.  Here are several animators of days gone by doing just that for some classic cartoons.


Some mind-blowing realizations about things that really have never mattered to anyone at all.

That Ain't Right!

Ever come across one of those situations where it just can't get much wronger?  Those are the situations we celebrate today!

Internet Philosophy

They say everyone on the internet is a critic, but there are a lot more artists and philosophers out there... they're just a little... different is all.

How to Christmas

Can't understand the Christmas cheer?  We're here to remind you of the reason for the season... presents!

Ghosts of Christmas' Presents Past

Ready to feel like a kid again?  Here's a collection of gifts you might have wanted a few decades ago... unless you're a kid now and, if you are, face it... you're too soft for what we had, kid.

The Elf on the Shelf is Evil

This evil little bastard is running amok in households all over the world.  You'd better arm yourself with a flyswatter and some raid!

Pets are Dicks: Holiday Edition

You feed them, love them and give your heart to them and how do they repay you?  By destroying Christmas!

Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas

What do you give to the person who has everything?  Here's a clue...

The Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

You should always be grateful for what you receive from others, but sometimes you really should just slap the shit out of the gift-giver.

The Worst People Ever

People like this are why aliens will never visit us. 

Secrets of Retail

There are some very powerful businesses that don't want you to hear the secrets on this page.  Don't answer that knock at the door... it's probably them.

How to Thanksgiving

Since many of our readers come from Europe, Australia and places beyond, they might see the American tradition of Thanksgiving as something strange to be feared.  Well, fear not my fellow humans... I'm here to explain it to you.

Pets at the Vet

Have you ever seen a sadder or more pathetic collection of animals in your whole life?  Outside of a human hospital, that is...

Gainful Employment

When it comes to having a job, you really don't know what you have until it's gone.  With that in mind, we now celebrate the best parts of employment!

Photos With the Creepiest Backstories Ever

A lot of these gave me goosebumps in the worst possible way.  These are some creepy photos as they are, but when you hear the stories behind them they get extra disturbing.

Brain Entertaining Facts

Your brain looks hungry.  Here, let me feed it.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Used to be Terrifying

Like a hoard of demons came the large balloons of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade of days long dead. Instead of familiar characters like Snoopy or Garfield, the parade was populated by inflated nightmares and and the screams of children.