The Cassini Probe sent us this mesmerizing and very rare picture of the planet Saturn backlit by the sun.  Light diffuses through the rings and dust clouds that orbit the giant ringed planet showing us that it's ringed beauty is only a fraction of what the planet really has to offer.

While the beauty of this picture is a sight to behold in of itself, the true uniqueness of this image only shows itself on closer inspection.  You see that pale blue dot visible through the rings?  To paraphrase Carl Sagan: Everyone you've ever known, every belief you have, every nation at war, every point of view you've ever experienced, every hope, every dream, every good, and every evil resides on that small ordinary mote.  Say hello to Earth seen from 930 million miles away.

At this distance, NASA dares not point the probes sensitive cameras at the Earth because from almost a billion miles away, Terra and sun are too close together and the sun's harsh light could destroy Cassini's camera.  However, in this instance when the sun was eclipsed by Saturn, NASA jumped on the opportunity to deliver this breathtaking shot.