A big fish eats a small fish.  That's the way we've always assumed that life in the oceans typically go, but recently the scientific community has discovered that life in the ocean can be anything but typical.

While fishing off the Cayman island, McPherson ‘Dorson’ Wright spotted something floating on the water.  Fishing it out, Wright discovered that he had found a small 7.5 inch Great Swallower Eel, a resident of the deepest depths of the ocean.

While this discovery is notable in of itself since very few Great Swallower Eels have ever been observed on the surface, the incredible thing was that, inside the eel's massively protruding stomach was a 34 inch snake mackerel; a fish several times the predator's size and known to be extremely aggressive.

Scientists are excited.  This isn't the first time that an ocean predator has been caught with something larger than it in its stomach, but this is one for the record books.

Imagine what a Swallower Eel three feet long could eat!





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