From the outside, it may look like a Star Trek transporter - something that you can use to beam to your destination rather than getting on the plane awaiting you in the terminal.  The devise is a powerful metal detector that can detect weapons on a person without frisking, something that the airports are scrambling to buy and something that privacy advocates are howling in protest over.

You see, not only does this $200,000 miracle of modern technology detect guns and knives, but it also has the annoying habit of showing what passengers look like naked.  The curves of a woman's breasts can be clearly shown, buttocks, and men's penises are often seen.

Big Brother is watching you more closely than ever and he likes what he sees!

The full body scanners are currently being used in the United States, Holland, and England but officials in Germany are against introducing this system out of respect for privacy.

Although the system has accurately detected bombs and weapon one hundred percent of the time, many are asking if someone watching your naked body on a computer screen is worth the extra comfort of security.  Perhaps this is a question you can ponder yourself when you find yourself stepping into a full body scanner sometime in the future.



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