The Kimberly Big Hole in South Africa is reputed to be the largest hand-dug excavation on the planet and produced over three tons of diamonds until it was closed in 1914.

The unfortunately named "Glory Hole" is located at Monticello Dam in California and is used to drain water from the reservoir when the dam reaches full capacity.  This is the largest such drain in the world and can drain 14,400 cubic feet of water per second.

Below is what the Glory Hole looks like when the lake isn't at full capacity.  The Glory Hole is at the left side of the picture.

If you are stupid enough to jump into the Glory Hole, the force of the water is more than sufficient enough to break every bone in your body and pulp your fragile form into something resembling oatmeal which would be spit out into the river below.

Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah is famous for being the largest man-made excavation on Earth.  Digging began in 1863 and continues to this day.  Because of this, naturally, the hole is continuing to grow but at the time of this writing it is about .75 of a mile deep and 2.5 miles wide.

This impressive sight is Diavik Mine in Northern Canada about 300 km from Yellowknife.  The mine is so huge and so remote that it has its own airport that can accommodate a Boeing 737.

Because of its location, the mine is completely surrounded by ice in the wintertime making it appear that this extraordinary hole is on land and not on the sea.

Sixty miles off Belize in the Lighthouse Reef is this natural wonder known as The Great Blue Hole and it is believed to be the largest of its kind.

The Great Blue Hole was formed when a limestone cave created during the last Ice Age collapsed leaving a hole 1000 feet across and 400 feet deep.  Now it's a haven for divers including the late Jacques Cousteau who charted its depths in 1971.

Finally, the frightening Guatemala Sinkhole which was formed suddenly in 2007 when water saturated the ground causing it to collapse in a terrible calamity which killed three people and destroyed a dozen homes.

Officials determined that this sinkhole was caused by the rupture of a sewer line.



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