They are all stomach and no brains; Snakes will eat anything they can catch and swallow and sometimes, those things are not the typical snake meal.  It just goes to prove that snakes, especially non-indigenous ones, can play havoc on an ecosystem in just a limited amount of time - a warning to keep pet snakes locked up and not to just let them go!

This Olive Python ate a Maltese terrier named Bindi.

This amethystine python is devouring a sulphur-crested cockatoo.

This is an x-ray of a carpet python after he tried to make a meal out of four golfballs.

This Burmese python ate an electric blanket complete with electrical cords and control box.

When this three meter long carpet python found under a home was x-rayed, vets found a cat's collar inside.  The cat had already been digested.

This 1.8 meter carpet python made a meal out of another cat.



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