The 105 story Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang North Korea is considered the worst building on the planet.  Dominating the skyline, it has been described as a hideous structure, a twisted version of Cinderella's Castle.  The building is so ugly, that government propaganda does not even mention the eyesore and it is frequently airbrushed out of shots of the city.

This 3000 room hotel has set unfinished since 1987 when the first shovels broke ground.  Ryugyong Hotel is ugly, badly designed, and considered by many to be the worst-built building in the world.  It's also said that North Korea spent almost 2 percent of its GNP to build this empty hotel.

Construction of the behemoth stopped in 1992 and there is no hope that it will ever resume mostly due to the fact that North Korea ran out of money for the building and that the tourist industry in Pyongyang is virtually non-existent.

Today and as far as anyone can tell, the Ryugyong will continue to dominate the skyline of the city of Pyongyang.  Unfinished, unneeded, and unwanted.


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