This man was shot in the face at close range.  Luckily, his nose stopped the bullet.

This man was lucky to escape with his life when his head was impaled with a chair leg during a bar fight.

When this Staffordshire bull terrier was reluctant to curl up and sleep, his owners took him to the vet where an x-ray revealed a seven inch knife in his stomach.

Another dog owner was shocked when an x-ray showed a Christmas ornament lodged in their dog's throat.

With this case, another Staffordshire bull terrier, the dog swallowed a ten and a half inch tent stake.

This man fell off of a ladder and onto an eighteen inch drill bit that went through his eye and out the back of his head.  Amazingly, even though his eye was destroyed, the man is alive and well.

This little fellow fell on his parent's car keys and got them jammed in his eye to the point that one actually entered his brain.  In just two months, the toddler was largely recovered.

This sixteen year old victim was stabbed in the head with a five inch knife.  The attacker was jailed and the victim lived to tell his tale.

That's a wrought iron fence still embedded in the side of this poor person.

This contraction worker missed at least eight different vital organs when he was impaled with a five inch nail.

An accident with a nail gun put this man in the hospital with six nails in his head.

Finally, when this woman complained of stomach pain weeks after a surgery, doctors discovered that they left a little something behind.


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