I do believe that if there is a hell, then everyone at Fox News will be shot there on the afterlife on a damn rocket.  By lassoing the weak-minded sore losers of the Republican party with lies and bullshit (death camps, the birther movement, and this whole "white slavery" thing), the Tea Party has become a hateful cancer in America and I speak as someone who is a target of their ridicule.  Did you know that I got more threats for writing a sarcastic piece about the Tea Party than I did taking part in Everyone Draw Muhammad Day?

Fortunately, not everyone out there is an idiot and there are plenty of people able to see through their roaring rapids of horseshit.

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I love the "Infiltrator" signs that people are pointing at the Anti-Teabagger protestors... you know, so as the other Teabaggers don't get confused.


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