As if BP didn't give us enough reasons not to get in the ocean, this little (and by "little" I mean 2 and a half feet long) insect hitched a ride with a deep sea submersible and scared the shit out of the boat crew.  This deep sea isopod is related to the wood louse (or sow bug or rolly-poly if you call it that) and spends its days on the bottom of the ocean feasting on whale carcasses and the like, but scientists also believe that they will chow on prey like sea cucumbers, sponges, and even live fish if they can catch them.  Eighty percent of these creatures are found at a depth of 365 and 730 meters (1,198 and 2,400 ft) which is well out of toe-snatching range.  I think.

There are other pictures of giant isopods, following this two-foot behemoth.

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