Lake Retba, in Senegal looks like it's made out of a deliciously sweet strawberry milkshake, but if you were to take a sip you would get a nasty surprise as the pink color is the result of lake being extremely salty... almost 40 percent in some places.  More specifically, the pink is attributed to the salt-loving organism Dunaliella salina.

The area's number one export?  Salt.

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Strawberry milk: From above the river looks a bit like strawberry milk - coloured pink by the high concentration of salt

In the pink: A salt-collecting boat being punted through the waters of Lake Retba, Senegal

Floating: Microbiologist Bernard Oliver floats on the west African river as a result of high levels of salt

Hard days work: Workers sift through the river in a bid to collect salt

Salt banks: An aerial shot of salt piled up along the shoreline

Microbiology researchers sample the waters

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