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Because burglars like this exist:

Because apparently kids are doing this:

And this:

And this?

Because this is what happens when you let a tween name a street:

Grammar/Spelling Fail

Because someone, somewhere, actually bought this shirt:

Because of this Ashton Kutcher tattoo:

... she's not even all that pretty.

Because no one reads this, anyway:

Wow. Apparently he wants to ban some of the following words from standardized tests: dinosaur, birthday, halloween, poverty, divorce.

Because the only thing that really matters is gone:


Because this tattoo happened:

... why am I not surprised?

This one too:

People should invest in mirrors.

Because no one can spell anymore:

Because people keep taking pictures with iPads:

Because Snooki wrote a book:

Because of Nickelback:

Because someone let this happen:

Because of holograms:

Faith in humanity destroyed

Toddlers and Tiaras promo shots (NSFL)

Faith is humanity destroyed. This is completely utterly gay

We'll see how much those straps really help . . .

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