History is rife with things that happened that you might not have known about or seen.  As we do every month, we bring you a small piece of that hidden history.

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Che Guevara dancing in a conga line in a kindergarten in Shanghai in 1960.

CH-46 helicopter comes down in flames after being hit by enemy fire, during the Vietnam War.

A women-only car on the New York City Subway, 1919.

Babe Ruth lies unconscious after running into a wall at Griffith Stadium, July 5 1924.

President John F. Kennedy meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders in the Oval Office, December 17, 1962.

This 1840 picture is the first photo ever taken of Niagara Falls.

Young Pioneers in Defense, Leningrad, 1937.  Are you my mummy?

19 year-old Shigeki Tanaka was a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima and went on to win the 1951 Boston Marathon. The crowd was silent as he crossed the finished line.

Construction of the Manhattan Bridge in 1908.

Jackie Kennedy laying flowers at the Eternal Flame on March 16, 1967, in Arlington National Cemetery.

"Telefontornet" (The Phone Tower), Stockholm, 1890. This 45m (~150 feet) steel structure connected around 4 000 telephones. It wasn't torn down completely until 1953.

Mona Lisa returned to the Louvre after World War II, 1945.

Martin Luther King arrest for "loitering," 1958, Montgomery, Alabama.

Albert Einstein on "Today with Mrs. Roosevelt", February 1950.

Elvis Presley signs an autograph for fans in 1958.

Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1880.

The Photo That Changed the Face of AIDS: David Kirby on his deathbed, 1990.

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