I always thought there was something strange about giving your child to a six foot tall bunny for a picture, and these photos only prove my point.  What hellish creations!

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Nightmarish: This poor little boy desperately reaches out to be rescued while his weeping sister tries to focus on not looking behind her

Demonic: This toddler unwittingly pulls the same expression as the bunny behind him - while the young girl is wise enough to keep her distance

Horrifying: Why would you do this to me? Children may forgive parents if they are bribed with enough chocolate

Bizarre: There is only one thing scarier than a man wearing a full-bunny outfit - a man only wearing a rabbit's head

Freaky: Easily one of the scariest bunnies featured - this outfit has the potential of leaving kids with lasting scars

Peeping tom: Smartening up your bunny outfit with a purple check bow-tie doesn't make it any less awkward

Fed up: After days trapped in the mall, this bunny had enough. If he couldn't have a happy Easter, no one would. 


He who giveth: It was the year they learned the Easter Bunny can giveth and the Easter Bunny can taketh away

Coiffed: Lost in thought as the camera clicked, the Bunny realized the boy was right, he probably should use a more volumizing shampoo

Humiliated: Weeks later he'd start speaking to mommy again, and their relationship would forever remain strained

Duped: Things got ugly once they realized it wasn't the Easter Bunny's lap they were sitting on, but that of his angrier cousin, Resurrection Rat

Joke? For the rest of her life, this little girl would wonder if the Easter Bunny was mocking her that spring day

You call that a bunny hop? A shamed Easter Bunny is shown how it's done




Happy Easter, mortal fools! 

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