When a television show wraps or a movie finished up, you often hear stories about how actors wept at the fact that they were not only saying goodbye to a job, but also to cherished friends they had worked with for years.  Seeing those moments captured in pictures is quite emotional.

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Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson on the last day of shooting the final Harry Potter movie.

gandalf peter jackson ian mckellen the hobbit sad filming over
Ian McKellan and Peter Jackson on the set of the last Hobbit movie.
The stars of Breaking Bad say good-bye.
Jersey Shore.

Gossip Girl
The Office
Terry Farrell crashes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's wrap party.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Fraiser calls it a wrap.
Twin Peaks
Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer rock the stage at the House wrap party.

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