You loved the last set, so you might find this one slightly disappointing... or not.  Whatever.  Take a look at the world through different eyes.

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Average breast size.

Twitter use in 2013.

Facebook use in 2010.

Internet connections in 1969.

Internet connections in 2013.

Locations of McDonalds in the United States.

Average penis size.

A 1531 map of the known world.

People in Britain who identify their religion as "Jedi.":

The percentage of people in Europe who believe in God.

Countries where the English version of Wikipedia is the most popular.

Where the internet is censored.

Fallout from nuclear testing in the United States.

A possible future high speed rail network.

The interstate system in the United States reimagined as a subway system.

The number of skyscrapers in a country.

Lighting strikes.

Countries that were or are under communist rule.

Every country Che Guevara has lived in or visited. The rifles depict where he started revolutions.

Average age where a person loses their virginity.

Alcohol Consumption.

Most consumed alcoholic beverage. 

Places where pirates are a problem.

The world divided into seven sections with populations that equal a billion each.

World happiness.

Earthquakes since 1898.

Everywhere that England has colonized in the past.

Where Disney movies took place.

Air traffic over 24 hours.

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