Normally, when you see photos from history, they are black and white, but this collection of photos are in glorious color and show an amazing and rarely seen swath of the world before the days of World War I.

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The northern part of the Great Wall of China in 1912, the year that the Republic of China was established.

The Eiffel Tower in 1912.  Halfway across the ocean, the Titanic had just sank.

A baker from Sarajevo in 1912.   That same year in America, the Girl Scouts were founded.

A newly wed couple from Sweden in 1913, the same year that the first crossword puzzle was published.

The Sphinx in 1913.  The same year, the Mona Lisa was recovered three years after it was stolen.

Women sell poultry in Serbia in 1913.  Across the world, the Ford Motor Company starts utilizing the first assembly line.

Young girls and women from Istanbul in 1912.  That same year in America, New Mexico had just become a US state.

Judengasse (Jews' Alley) in Vienna in 1913.  In Norway, women's suffrage is enacted.

Damdinbazar, Eighth Jebtsundamba Khutugtu, near Ulaanbaatar in 1913.  At this time, Mahatma Gandhi is being arrest for leading protests.

The Moulin Rouge in Paris in 1914, the year World War I began.

High priest at the Gate of Heavenly Peace, Beijing in 1913.  On the other side of the world, the Mexican Revolution is raging.

Brahmins and Sadhus in Mumbai in 1913.  The value of world trade is only 38 billion dollars.

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