Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of seven at roughly the same time that his mother was diagnosed with kidney disease. When they both got very ill, Chen gave his life so that his mother would live.

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Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor just months before his own mother discovered she had kidney disease.

For years they both battled their conditions. Eventually, Chen was blinded and basically paralyzed as a result of his tumor.

Doctors knew he would die soon. They also knew he would be a match for his mother, who needed a kidney. Zhou Lou, however, refused to take it.

Chen overheard her refusal and went to her, urging his mother to take the kidney.

He wanted to save her life.

She finally agreed, knowing a piece of her son would live on in her.

He passed away on April 2nd and the kidney was given to his mother.

Before that, doctors were unsure if Zhou could ever live a normal life.

Now, thanks to her son, she will.

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