While the look of some of these rare and precious animals might be the result of a genetic mix-up, they are beautiful in their own unique way.

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Pink elephant, a form of albinism.

Piebald deer.

Half albino peacock.

Piebald rabbit.

Golden mongoose.

Piebald squirrel.

Golden parrot.

Pink dolphin.

Albino gorilla.

Piebald moose.

Partially albino python.

Erythristic jackal.  This condition causes the pigimnation of the fur to be reddish in color.

Chimera cat.  A Chimera results when two eggs merge and create a single animal with the genetic information of two.

Chimera cardinal.... there's a possibility that it might be a hermaphrodite as well.

Chimera dog.

Cheetah with no spots.

Chimera parakeet.

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