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This is what Mars would look like if it had oceans.

This is how tiny birds are weighed.

This is how Amazon ships bubble wrap.

This is how pineapples grow.

This is how Google does street view in the Arctic.

This is how algae turned the water at Bondi Beach red.

This is how a tombstone for an atheist soldier appears.

This is how much bigger Walt Disney World is compared to Disneyland.

This is how the Vancouver Sun celebrated the Moon Landing.

This is how you turn all the other drivers on the road against you.

This is how snow is cleared off the tracks in Alaska.

This is how wood chips are unloaded from trucks.

This is how an alligator looks with a prosthetic tail.

This is how the confetti at the Superbowl looks.  Look familiar?

This is how Mount Rushmore was originally envisioned.

This is how excited fish get when they are fed at an aquarium.

This is how a track looks after a train does a "burnout."

This is how the Japanese clear a snow-buried road.

This is how the elevator at the St. Louis Arch works.

This is how a starfish eats an anchovy.

This is how big of an explosion that 20 minutes of fireworks going off at once looks like.

This is how the inside of one of Amazon's warehouses look.

This is how tonic water looks when you put it under a blacklight.

This is how the nuclear test site in Nevada looks today.

This is how you get the most juice.

This is how a check's signature line looks when you look closely.

This is how you noticed that this logo is redundant.

This is how Barbie would look if she had normal proportions.

This is how that little shitbead Justin Beiber dressed himself when he met the Prime Minister of Canada.

This is how it looks when you kayak on thin ice.

This is how the world's largest living cat looks.

This is how you play with K'Nex the correct way.

This is how the French protest their government.

This is how dirty a penny gets when its left on Mars for a year.

This is how the sand at Ireland's Coral Beach looks.

This is how a snakeworm looks.

This is how a Walrus makes a bed out of a submarine.

This is how you would look if you cried in space.

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