The Swallowing Tree
Think you can attach something to a tree without it knowing about it?
Polycephaly: the condition of having more than one head.  It's rare, but it does happen in some surprising instances. Warning: unsettling images!

Dust Art

These are actual works of art created with the dust that settled on old cars.

Disney's Dirty Secret

Back in the old days of Disney the studio would cut cost by recycling animation over and over again. 

Human-Faced Fish

These koi, which have the eerie appearance of a human face, are becoming a hot commodity in Asia!


Knitting for Psychos

I think the title pretty much sums it up.

Kitty Butt

How did they get it to stay still for this!?


Great Big Hole

This is known as The World's Biggest Hole (even though it's really not) and it's located in Russia.

Frog Salad

I've heard of all natural ingredients, but this is ridiculous.


New Laptop

This may look like a pen, but is actually the latest in computer systems.