The Disney Character that Never Existed

Disney tries to sweep something under the rug.


Memento Mori

Americans in the 19th century perfected a very disturbing way of remembering the dead.  Warning!  Disturbing!


Horse Problem

Now how did he get into this predicament?


Bird Attack

A gull is attacked by a falcon, but how the struggle ends is pretty amazing.


Miracle Puppy

Hear the story and see the pictures of a dog who survived a horrible accident.


The Isle of Socotra

An alien planet right here on Earth?  Evolution moves without a rulebook!


More Astonishing X-Rays

The darnedest things end up in our bodies on purpose and on accident.  Not for the squeamish!


Snake-Eating Spider

This is either a badass spider or a wimpy snake.


The First Hybrid

Think that Hybrid Cars are something new and modern?  Thing again!


The Climbing Excavator

I don't think that's supposed to be up there!