Poland's Crooked Forest

One of the most infamous haunted houses in North America shows off some reaction photos of visitors scared silly.

Garbage Pail Kids

A flashback fad from the 1980s that got parents pissed and was banned from schools!


Chicken Protects Her Chick

The most dangerous place in the universe is between a mother and her child...


The Generous Owl

After being nursed back to health, an owl pays back those who helped him in sweet but gross ways.

The Misunderstood House Spider

Perhaps before you squash one of these little guys, you should think about his problems... and then squish him.

Featherless Chickens

One look at these godless abominations will have you wondering why the hell scientists created them on purpose!


Incredible Luxury RV

This amazing mobile mansion can be yours... all for the low, low price of only 3 million dollars!


Fixed Emo and Hipster Quotes

With very little effort, these photo-quotes can become a lot more entertaining.

Sassy Suri

It turns out that the new iPhone's virtual assistant has a wicked sense of humor...


Bad Vintage Halloween Costumes

Journey back to a time when Halloween costumes were little more than plastic bags and face-slitting masks and enjoy the horror.