The Face of Testicular Cancer

When doctors take an ultrasound of a man's testicle, they are shocked at what it staring back at them.

Weird Science (Projects)

Some of these are faked, some of them are real.  Can you spot the difference when we take a trip to some weird science fairs?


Real Life Superman

Meet a 35 year old Filipino man who loves Superman so much, he not only dresses like him, he's had plastic surgery to actually look like the Man of Steel!

Mangyongdae Funfair

If you're idea of a fun filled family vacation is cases of tetanus and possible decapitation, have we found the place for you!


A lot of us have some very stereotypical views about Australia, but fortunately for us, many Aussies have no problem living up to the stereotype.

Ghanaian Movie Posters

The mobile cinemas of the African nation of Ghana can't afford actual movie posters and so, they make their own... and they are awesome.

Casu Marzu

This traditional cheese is an exotic dish reserved for those diners with exquisite tastes.  It's probably due to the secret ingredient.  What is the secret ingredient?  For god's sake, don't ask...

Notes to the Deejay

Being a deejay, you'll often get some hateful notes, some awkward come ons, and some strange requests. It's all part of a night's work, I guess.

The Wrath of TV Screenshots

You will never have more fun looking at  out of context images from television networks unless you were to ride a  rollercoaster naked into a vat made up of oiled up Swedish Bikini Team members. Actually, that does sound like more fun.

Sasha Grey Reads to Children

What could possibly be so bad about a lady reading to children and why did this minor PR slip-up turn into a complete pile of embarrassment for the school?