Don't Take Pictures with an iPad

It makes you look very very stupid.

The Best of Insanity Wolf

The best sayings from this psychopathic lupine and his popular meme on display for your convenience and safety.

Find the Kitty!

In each one of these pictures, a cat is hiding like a ninja.  Can you find it before it hates you?


If Movie Posters Told the Truth

How about a little truth in advertising!  How much would it really hurt the reputation of a movie if Hollywood just leveled with us?  Well... quite a bit, actually.

Tattoo Revenge

There are certain people you just don't want to piss off.  You can add tattoo artists to that very long list.

Doggie's First Haircut

When a neglected animal is brought in and groomed, vets are shocked to find a whole dog underneath the matted hair!


Arrow Deer

Take a look at a very lucky deer... or an unlucky deer if you want to get technical.


The Horrible Truth About Stock Photos

Stock photos may seem innocent and inconsequential, but if you add captions they become very disturbing.


A Sign of Something Funny

Yes, it's another gallery of funny signs.  Sue me.

Tough Puppy

This puppy is terrifying, but when paired with famous tough guy quotes, becomes practically God-like.