Pedestrian Rollercoaster

Journey with us to Germany for the slowest rollercoaster you've ever experienced.  Be sure to pack a comfy pair of shoes!

Kitten Covers

Some of the greatest albums in the history of music are made ever greater with the addition of dozens of cute and cuddly kittens!


Tree Illusions

Photographer Zander Olsen, using white wrappings and the imaginary lines we perceive in the environment, twists our perceptions of reality in amazingly simple ways to create art that is head-scratchingly beautiful.

Baffling Bathrooms

Most bathrooms are designed to make us feel comfortable enough to drop our pants and pinch one off. These bathrooms are apparently designed by madmen.

Horrible Vintage Ads

They're sexist, in poor taste, and even a little racist and one thing is for certain, these would never make it to print nowadays... unless FOX News owned a paper.


Epic Detention Doodle

Never has an act of defiant school vandalism made me wish I was back in the 90's so much.

The Gathering

An awesome assemblage of some of the biggest balls in all of American history.


The 1990's vs. Today

Things have changed a lot in the last twenty years and what better way to illustrate that than a helpful infographic.

Toe Transplant

Why in the world would someone need to transplant a toe and where in the world would you put it?


Pets are Assholes

It's really a shame when something you love so much treats you so shitty.