War Art by US Soldiers

If art is truly a reflection of the artists experiences, then may the experience of seeing these pieces of art be the closest you ever get to the artists' experiences.


McDonalds is probably the most famous brand in the world and, in portions of that world where copyright laws are lax, some unscrupulous restaurateurs are happy to ride the coattails of that brand.

How to Wrap a Christmas Present

For those of you who don't believe that giving can be as fun as receiving, may I present this example of Yuletide evil.

Ungrateful Christmas Shitheads

Let's cue up that sad violin music as we read the sad and tragic stories of how spoiled little assholes didn't get exactly what they wanted for Christmas.

Funny Headlines

Take a look with me now as we dredge up the funniest, most nonsensical, and jaw-droppingly stupid headlines of 2011.

Bad Knockoffs

There's a reason you find this stuff at an indoor bizarre or dollar store and that reason is never ever luck.


The Mole Gang

You've got to admire the drive, but question the effort especially since the same amount of time and work done legally probably would have made them the same amount of money.

The Allure of the Seas

Assuming that your boat doesn't fall over and your captain turns out to be a cowardly little pussy, a cruise ship vacation really is one of the best ways to travel and this baby is about to take your breath away.

The World's Most Expensive Parking Lot

It's built by the US Navy and, at a whopping 4.5 billion dollars, you are very likely to be outraged... until you see what it is.

Falcon Failure

A bird of prey tries to make a meal of a lesser creature, only to have the tables turned on it in an embarrassing way.