Carpet Illusion

If you ever walk into this Paris computer store, don't panic! Some idiot just divided by zero is all.

Danxia Landform

In China, they have an entire region that looks like it was designed by Doctor Seuss and, believe me, it's one of the most beautiful things you will ever see!

Kids are Crazy

Every parent knows it and, hell, every kids knows it too. Children are out of their heads with insanity and crazy with being nuts. Here, we prove it.

Strange School Pictures

Out of date fashion, hair and ugly kids are understandable, but these pictures... these are pictures that seems to go out of their way to be as strange as possible.


What do you expect from a county that seems to have replaced tap water with vodka? Russia's crazy and I love them for it! In Russia, pictures laugh at you!

China's Tianmen Park Glass Walkway

The only thing separating you from a mile deep fall is a two inch sheet of glass and the poop people made looking down.

Ski Lift Rescue

When a little boy slipped and was left dangling from a ski lift 25 feet in the air, spectators decided to stop being spectators and came to the rescue.  Being human.  It's awesome.

Waterfalls Restaurant

Take a look at this awesome eatery in Quezon Province, Villa Escudero, Philippines. It has breathtaking views and water is actually running over and under your feet. I bet cleaning the floor there is a cinch.

Duck Hunt Lamp

For you DiY geeks of the 1980's, here's a cool idea to put a light next to your bed... your empty bed.

The Lost Ring

When this woman lost her wedding ring sixteen years ago, she thought it lost forever... until one day she found it in the strangest place.