Man Dies Playing World of Warcraft

This guy died after ten hours of gameplay and went unnoticed for another 18 hours!

Snow Job

Curse you, old man Winter!  Where have you hidden my goddamn car!?

Closed Staircase

Well, I can certainly see why this potential deathtrap was closed for the winter.  My God, it's terrifying!

Bad Boy Potential

If you're going to post an awkward photo of yourself to the internet where bored people who have lots of time and photoshop skills hang out... don't do that!!!

Signs Improved by Vandalism

I don't want it to look like I condone the act of vandalism on public or private property, but on the other hand, this is funny shit.

Inappropriate Sticker Placement

Are these the result of innocent accidents or the results of bored workers?  You be the judge, but it's bored workers.

The Best of 60's Spider-Man

There is very little you can say positive about the 1960's Spider-Man cartoon series, but at least one positive that did come from it thanks to this meme.

Southern Sky Column

This quartz sandstone monolith is 3,544 feet tall and has recently been nicknamed Avatar Hallelujah Mountain after the floating mountains in the sci-fi movie.

Crazy Anti-Abortion Billboards

Whether you agree with a woman's right to choose or you don't trust a woman with her own body, you have to admit that these roadside signs are loony tunes.

Amazing Houseboat

A beautiful Seattle home has got everything you might ever want and, best of all, it floats!!!