Edward Mordrake and the Demon Head

Meet a man with an unusual deformity that he hated so much, he called it the "demon head."

Crystal River

One of the most beautiful and unique rivers on Earth, Crystal River is known for changing colors depending on what time of the year you visit.

The 189 Square-Foot Apartment

On a budget?  Can't afford anything roomy but you still want that mansion lifestyle?  You can still have it with a clever use of space!

Theater on the Water

The outdoor theater on Lake Constance could rest on their laurels that they have the second largest floating stage in the world, but they would rather kick your head in with their amazing sets and location.

Passive Aggressive Notes

Don't you just hate it when people write you notes instead of just talking to you like a normal person?  I do too.  Let's make fun of them!

Kitty Tats

People are tattooing everything these days!  Why not their cats too?  After all, when I see my cat looking at me with its usual glare of contempt, my first thought is to inject it with ink as well!

When Life Gives You Lemons

Let's say that the zombie apocalypse has finally happened, you are without power, and board out of your mind because you can't listen to your iPod because the battery is dead.  What do you do?

Failure en Masse

When I get depressed and believe my life is nothing but a gigantic failure, I take a deep breath and then smile, knowing that I have never failed at life as astoundingly as these fail experts have.

Free Throw Distractions

When it comes to rooting for your favorite basketball team, apparently anything goes when it comes to distracting the other team. Here are just a few of the most creative and disturbing examples.

Star Trek Coffee Table

If you've ever wanted to live the dream of sitting a glass of soda on the Enterprise, your dream has just come true.