Funny Marathon Signs

Even though I don't understand the concept of fun running, I do understand smart-assery and sarcasm from the sidelines.

3-D Glass Paintings

Take a look at these incredible works of art from two different artists that you have to see to believe!

Amazing Facebook Breakup

If you've had a boyfriend for a week and you get a horrible tattoo of his face on your arm," you're a sick and obsessed individual.  This actually happened and the breakup that followed is amazing!

Crazy Texting Girl

When the girl this guy went out with once got a little nutty, he started to ignore her... only to discover that a crazy person left alone with her own insanity is a dangerous thing!

Meme Cakes

Stupid overused internet memes aren't just for a cheap laugh anymore, now they are worth thousands of empty calories as well!

Banksy vs. Robbo

When two famous graffiti artists get into a duel, it's a game of one-upsmanship that we can all enjoy with an ending that is actually very touching!


Thanks to the comedy of Russell Peters, I have learned a lot about a country called India. Apparently it's got a lot of people in it with the inability to give a fuck which I love and respect of a people.

Can't Be Unseen

Are you ready to have things ruined for you forever? Too bad! Ruining things is what this website is all about and it's the only thing we're good at!

The Sperm Bike

The European Sperm Bank has one of the most unique medical transport vehicles you'll ever see. The "Sperm Bullet" is a cargo bike used to carry donations to the clinic and provide some unmissable advertising for the clinic at the same time.

Rejected Star Wars Toys

A few years ago, Jason Geyer from Action Figure Insider was tasked to help come up with new Star Wars toys and, as amazing as it sounds, George Lucas rejected them -- meaning that there are way he won't exploit Star Wars for a buck.