Smartass Responses to Signs

What can I say?  Trolls are everywhere and they are in revolt against innocent signs!

Beardless Commedians

Have you ever wondered what comedians with beards look like without their beards? ...  Why?


Classic Art Easter Eggs

We tend to think of the classic artists as proper and upstanding, but the truth is... they are just as messed up and dirty as the rest of us.


The Doctor Who Room

When his eight year old daughter became of fan of Doctor Who and asked that her bedroom be decorated that way, this dad was only to happy to oblige in the biggest way possible.

Lunch Bag Art

Undeniably one of the coolest dads in the world, this guy draws amazing cartoon characters and art on his kids lunch bags that, without a doubt, get them beat up twice as much for their lunches.

Funny Clothing Tags

If you're one of those people who never look at the tags on your clothes, maybe you should give it another look. There's some good stuff back there!

The Worst Time to Get Busted

David Davis was in the middle of a haircut when he got into a scuffle and got himself arrested. Needless to say, his hair is going to get him a lot of attention in jail.

When You Microwave a Bar of Ivory Soap...

I'm sure that none of you have ever wondered about what would happen if you took a bar of Ivory and cooked it in the microwave. but after you see this, it's all you will think about.

More Stupider Answers

I'm sure that these children will look back at how they answered these questions and wonder what the hell they were thinking. These answers didn't take a lot of brains, but they took a ton of balls.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Not only is it ascetically pleasing, but this coffee table is a fully functional Nintendo controller. I bet just putting in the Konami Code is a workout!