Spectacular Swimming Holes

These places and beautiful, so let's all get naked and jump on in.  Don't forget that cold water causes shrinkage.

Final Meals

You've heard about that tradition of giving the condemned prisoners on death row a final meal of whatever they want, right?  Well, what DID the scumbags of the planet eat before they boarded the express to hell?

Awful Engagement Pictures

I have a hard time believing that a marriage that starts out this badly cropped and awkwardly posed can end in anything but murder.

Dogs are Stupid

I know that they are supposed to be man's best friend or whatever, but these things can be dumb as a box of rocks.

Duct Tape

Oh, this magical silvery sticky substance is a godsend and, apparently, there is nothing it can't do.

Handicapped Adrenaline Junkie

Barry West is confined to a wheelchair and a perfect example of why all your excuses make you a pussy and you should shut the fuck up.


Come take a look behind the borders of this evil country and its horrible dictatorship.  What a shithole.

What the Hail!?

Dumas, Texas is a sleepy and very boring part of the world so you have to wonder who over there pissed off God enough for him to bury it under four feet of hail!

Awesome Draw Something Drawings

Although I am a gifted artist, my fingers are too fat to show it off on 'Draw Something.' These people, however, are pretty amazing.


What the Hail!?

Your bed is dick. It's content just to be a mattress and covers when it could be so much more, like these awesome beds. Your bed is just an unambitious asshole.