Car Toilet

At last, the invention that will give joy to people who hate pit stops and crazy astronauts everywhere! It's the car toilet!

Darth Vader and Son

These illustrations from the book “Darth Vader and Son” written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown, show us that Darth Vader could have been a good father if Yoda and Obi Wan hadn't been such dicks.

Early Versions of Famous Cartoon Characters

It's hard to believe that some of our most beloved cartoon characters could look anything other than what we remember, but they are all assembled piece by piece.

Failure on Facebook

There are a million great things about social media. One of the downsides to social media is that, if you are stupid, everyone instantly knows. 

Headlines from The Simpsons

One of the great things about watching The Simpsons is catching the blink-or-you-miss-them headlines that are funny only to people with a pause button. 

Hitler In Disguise

As World War II Germany edged closer and closer to defeat, the Allies feared that, instead of surrendering, Adolf Hitler would go into hiding like Cobra Commander.  This is what they thought he would do to hide.

Tardises Everywhere

Doctor Who fans sure do love their Tardises and these are just a few examples of how they make them and make them awesome.

Texts from the Dog

Man's best friend my ass. If my dog texted me to let me know what it was doing every day, I'd probably have it put to sleep.


Twittiots Learn Titanic was Real

This type of ignorance makes me not want to live on this planet anymore. I wonder if anyone has told these dolts that Pearl Harbor is more than a shitty Michael Bay movie.

What Do These Pictures Have in Common?

How good are you at figuring out mysteries and commonalities? Take a look at these seemingly unrelated photographs and tell me the incredibly simple thing that that they all have in common.