Preparing for the Hurricane

I live in a place that you hardly see rain, much less a hurricane so a lot of these pics look a little silly to me even though I know that a lot of them are rather clever. Except for the leashed car. That's fucking stupid.

Bandit the Police Dog

When four year old Sacramento police dog, Bandit, was shot in the line of duty, he underwent a five hour operation to remove the bullet and save his life.

Can't Be Unseen

We're about to either enhance or ruin some of your favorite childhood memories!  Don't blame us, it's just what we're best at!

Dirty Perspectives

I'm not the kind of person who finds dirty sexual things everywhere, but I understand a lot of you are. Take these innocent pictures: I don't see anything wrong with them, but I'm sure you can. You make me sick.

Really Funny Signs

There hasn't been this many tragically worded and misspelled signs since the last Tea Party Rally.  The difference is, instead of making you weep for the future, these signs make you laugh... then weep.

Timmy the Clown

For some reason, Timmy isn't that popular.

Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight

It's time for our weekly Twilight-bashing.  Enjoy!

New York's Hidden Subway Station

Hidden beneath the city streets lies a forgotten jewel of the city's Golden Age and now, you can see it first hand!

Batman Characters in the Style of Doctor Seuss

These hilariously whimsical illustrations by DrFaustusAU depict The Dark Knight and his gallery of rouges as they would have been illustrated by the late Doctor Seuss.

Creative Bags

A bag is just a thing that will be choking sea turtles soon but some stores aren't content with bags so generic you can get them in a Wal-Mart.