A Mouthful of Teeth

Since I know you've never once wondered about it, here's a look at what a child's mouth looks like before all of the baby teeth come out. My God, they're like sharks!

The Internet Reacts to The Avengers

It's only the biggest and most awesomest movie of all time and  the internet is going to have a balanced and well thought out reaction to it full of intelligence and respect.

African Children's Toys

Poor kids in Africa demonstrate amazing creativity as they make their own toys to play with. Perhaps you should remember that next time your snot-nosed little brat complains about not having an Xbox.

Celebrity Stunt Doubles

You don't honestly think that Hollywood would risk smashing a bunch of pretty faces in stunts, do you?  That's why they use more qualified and less attractive stunt doubles.

Celebrity Pokemon

You will never be able to look at these people the same way again or your money back.  You didn't give me any money.  Shut up.

Don't Ask How I Took This Picture

How do you take a picture of your two arms?  It's harder than you look and, more importantly, how do you take a picture of you taking a picture of your two arms?

The Friday Conspiracy

Could the terrible Rebecca Black song Friday actually be about the JFK assassination?  Don't roll your eyes, at least we're not linking it to 9/11.

Homemade Light From the Philippines

One bottle of water with two or three teaspoons of bleach apparently makes for some very handy illumination in the most poor areas of the Philippines.

It's Not That Easy Being Green

Paolo Henrique dos Santos from Brazil decided to dress up as The Incredible Hulk but used the wrong type of paint and will be regretting it for a long time.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a very popular singer. This guy we're about to talk about isn't. Don't get them confused.