The One-Millionth Customer

You know the old saying that nice guys finish last?  It's true and here's the perfect example.  My advise... be an asshole all the time.

Putrid Portraits

Sometimes someone gets a nice camera and all of the sudden they feel like they're a professional photographer when, sadly, they're not.

The Root of Love

If you've never been interested in word entomology, this probably won't change things but, hey, you'll at least find this nugget of information interesting.

School's Out

This is one of the strangest and funniest graduation photo's I've ever seen.

Turtle vs. Pigeon

We know it's an unfair fight, so we made the turtle leave all its ninja weapons in the sewer.

Ultimate Invisible Collection

You know how 95 percent of the internet is funny pictures of cats?  This is why.



It's not just for drinking anymore!


Kids Are Assholes

I know you love them or something, but the sooner you admit that your children are a collection of destructive selfish bastards, the better.

Yacht on Ice

Take a look at this unbelievable image of a once proud vessel trapped under sea ice.


Cat Helicopter

Say hello to the Orvillecopter and, yes, that is a real life dead kitty cat that has been been taxidermied into a remote controlled helicopter.