Fishy Egg

When a group of hikers in the French Alps found a duck egg, they were expecting to find a baby duck inside but they found something else.


There's not a one of us who hasn't gazed towards the stars and marveled at the sheer beauty of the night sky. Well, sometimes the universe up and tosses some of that beauty right at us.

Tampons Can Save Your Life

I usually associate the humble tampon with the most dangerous time of the month, but if you find yourself in the type of fix that you will never actually find yourself in, the tampon can help you survive!

Blow Jobs

Photographer TadaoCern enlisted the help of over 100 volunteers for a series of very strange, bizarre, and amusing high-speed shots of people subjected to an air cannon.


Some studios are in the business of xeroxing the plot of major Hollywood movies and releasing cheap ripoffs of them on DVD and, believe me, business is very good!

Great Prank Ideas

You'd have to be a gigantic asshole to even attempt these ideas, but since research has proven that many of you are already gigantic assholes... enjoy!

How to Wear an iPod Nano

Meet Dave Hurban who loved his iPod Nano, but hates that candy ass little bracelet you're supposed to wear with it.  What would a rational level headed young man deal with this conflict?

Rescuing a Blind Dog

If you're having one of those days where you just think people are no good, get ready to have your faith in humanity restored.

Jogger Disguise

Who has the royal gall to impersonate Prince William in Rio?

Greetings from Vacation Bible School

Back when I was forced to go to Vacation Bible School, I wondered what could have made it more fun... turns out the answer is nudity.