Shot Put Faces

I can't make fun of the faces these people are making when they throw these heavy balls.  I'm sure I make funny faces when I pick up mines too.

It's Great to be Alive

This is an officially sanctioned government safety guide for children from the 1950's that not only shows that it is indeed great to be alive, but also all of the horrible ways to not be alive anymore.

Faith in Humanity Restored

Anne Frank was right.  No matter how horrible life seems to get, I believe that people are still good at heart.

Faith in Humanity... Destroyed!

Oh look!  Here come all the assholes and idiots on the planet to destroy all of your happiness in the species.

The Right Angle IV

It's been a while since we've done one of these galleries, but they're so fun you know we couldn't stay away forever!

Even More Terrible Tattoos

Mistakes are temporary... unless your mistake was a tattoo.  That shit is permanent!

Powerful Pictures

A picture is worth not only a thousand words, but also a thousand smiles and a thousand tears. Submitted for your approval are some of the most emotionally moving images ever taken.

Colored Pets

Is this just the next step of grooming or are these animals being abused by their tasteless owners?  You be the judge.

Amazingly Accurate Police Sketches

Lois Gibson has been recognized as the world's most successful police sketch artist.  Take a look in this gallery to see her amazing work yourself!

The Chick-Fil-A Chick Meme

Debuting here for the first time, it's the unofficial official meme of Chick-Fil-A's hatred of gay people!