Morbid Mexican Newspaper

It shows half-naked women along side gory pictures of dead crime victims and it's one of Mexico's most popular tabloids which makes me wonder... what the HELL is wrong with Mexico!?

Sneaky Snake

Take a look at this albino python... and then figure out what it really is by looking at the answers when you give up and can't figure it out so that you can lie and say you knew it all along when you didn't. Dirty liar.

Fake Knock Off Video Game Systems

Who would have ever thought that a video game system sold in the back alley behind a Walgreen's wouldn't be legit?

The Right Angle VI

There's nothing more amusing than a picture that captures something you didn't expect... except maybe strawberry ice cream.  That stuff kicks ass.

We Know About This

Alaska Airlines has a note for you that will probably cause you more alarm than anything else.

Nature's Masters of Disguise

These predators and prey have the amazing ability to blend into their surroundings so much so that you may have to give some of these pictures a second look. Just imagine how many of the snakes and spiders you stand next to and never know!

Ceiling Surprise

The owners of this house were a bit perplexed by a brown liquid dripping from the ceiling so they decided to open it up and then... holy shit!

Look Twice Pictures

Every picture in this gallery will have you looking once, looking twice, and then looking a third time trying to figure out what the hell is up with these snaps!

The Neverending Family Vacation

This family did something the rest of us only dream about... they went on vacation and kept on going!

Balloon Prank

Just another example why I wouldn't trust my roommates enough to leave the house... ever!