The Internet Reacts to the Death of Neil Armstrong

Because if there's any place you can get a balanced, informed, and sensitive reaction to the death of the greatest living explorer of all time, it's the internet said no one ever.

The Best of Opposites

If you haven't seen this internet meme, this would be the perfect place to start!

What Do You Do With an Old Airplane

If you're a lot like me, you've got an old 767 just sitting in your backyard doing nothing but taking up space. Why not do something constructive with that airplane like these people?

The Day the Yangtze Turned Red

China's famous yellow Yangtze River began flowing red one day... and no one seems to know why!

Clever Chalkboard Signs

Some are masterpieces, some are the work of smartasses, but all of them make me want to come in and take a drink!

Summer Oven

What do you do if it's a hot day and you have no time for lunch? Why not dump the analogy and actually use your car like an oven?


Prophetic 9/11 Images

I have never bought the truther movement , but the idiots behind it have come up with some eerie images that made it out into the media before that dark day that are interesting.

You Know It's Time to Take Down Your Christmas Lights When...

Why take them down now?  Christmas is less than a year away anyway!

Pets Are Dicks

We feed them, house them, and pick up their little shits and how do they repay us?  Take a look at the reason why we can't have nice things anymore.

Japan's Blue Pond

Come with us to Japan where an unassuming manmade dam has accidentally created one of the most beautiful and mysterious ponds in the world!