The most entertaining part of this gallery isn't the pictures, as great as they are, but rather it will be in watching the pointless debates in the comments about what is and is not irony... Which will be rather ironic in itself. 

Gross Canned Foods You Didn't Know Existed

Bon appetite!  I hope you're hungry because we've got some examples of canned foods that are just wrong.

A Closer Look at Food

Some completely fascinating pictures of your favorite foods taken through a microscope.


Pictures to Make You Smile

It's impossible not to look at these pictures and not smile.  If you don't smile, you are not human.

Adult Jokes in Kids Cartoons

Here's to the things that we missed when we were kids and finally understood as adults.

Halloween for the Handicapped

These are some amazing and creative examples of how, just because someone's in a wheelchair, it doesn't mean they can't enjoy a night of festive fun every Halloween.

Pure Luck

Take a look at a collection of people and animals who are way luckier than you are.

Spangles the Cross-Eyed Kitty

He's adorable and the mice are never exactly sure which one of them he's looking at.

Awkward Family Photos

Take a look at these head-scratchingly hilarious examples from a website specializing in this kind of nuttery.

Acts of Kindness After Sandy

A look at some bright rays of humanity that shone through the darkness of a horrible disaster.