The Flooded NYC Subway System

One of the hardships caused by Hurricane Sandy was the flooding of the New York Subway tunnels causing damage unseen in the 109 year-old history of the transit system.

An Intersection of History

This is a picture of Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession taken ten days after his assassination and marks an interesting intersection of history.

Animals With Prosthetics

These severely injured animals were about to be put down, but thanks to the ingenuity and kindness of people, their lives were saved.

Celebrities With Their Zippers Down

Look out, guys!  You're going to let flies in!  (Yes, it's come to this.)


Eternal Flame Falls

This unique waterfall in New York State contains a natural gas spring that can be ignited.

Key Foot

You may be having a bad day, but at least you've never hurt yourself the way this poor kid has.  If you can get through this gallery without wincing, you're not human.


House in the Middle of the Highway

No, your eyes are not deceiving you... you are about to drive into a three story home in the middle of the highway: a stoic act of protest against the Chinese government.

This Stuff Happened

Because stuff we liked in the past happened once, here we are against ready to kick your nostalgia balls into your abdomen.

This is Not What It Looks Like!

Ah, the joy of looking at innocent stuff taken completely out of context and turned dirty.  The unadulterated joy of it.

Outstanding Photos
Enjoy this collection of spectacular photography I've discovered from around the internets.