Free School Under the Bridge

Meet a true hero of education who takes two hours off of his job every day to run an outdoor school for kids who would give anything to go to the school you complain about.

Unfortunate McDonalds Coffee Ad Placement

Was this an unfortunate oversight or a pervert having fun with us all?  The world will never know.

Hairy Eyeballs

Take a look at something that will haunt you until the day you die screaming in your deathbed.

World's Greatest Father

In this series from Dave Engledow, we are exposed to the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. One thing is for sure... this little girl is going to have an amazing baby album when she's older!.

Casket at a Soccer Game

Colombia resident Christopher Jacome was murdered in 2012, so his pals did the only sensible and respectful thing they could think of.

Innocent Drawings by Children

You would have to be the most perverted bastard in existence to get any other meaning from these pictures than what these sweet innocent children intended. Shame on you. Seriously... Shame on you.

Hilarious Comic Book Panels

It's amazing what happens when you remove a single comic book panel from a book and let the dirty, perverted and disgusting minds of the internet turn it into something it's not.

Angry Kitty, Evil Kitty

Evil Kitty makes her first appearance in Curiosities. Enjoy, submit and be destroyed... there is no "or."

Dog Shaming

Beneath those cute eyes and loving exterior beats the heart of a destructive asshole who will shit on everything you love and chew up everything you like.

The City that Spent 25 Years Underwater

In 1985, this city of 5,000 was flooded by a lake and it's only now just emerging from the water.