OCD Torture

If you have obsessive compulsive disorder, the following gallery will probably send you into rabid fits which is kind of what I'm hoping for because I'm a gigantic dick.

Tress with Faces

Look on in fascinated horror at the work of French photographer Clément Briend who projected giant heads on to trees at Parc de Saint-Cloud near Paris.

The Internet Reacts to the Resignation of the Pope

If you can't get a carefully thought out and reasonably balanced reaction to the first time a Pope has resigned in 600 years on the internet, where CAN you get it from?


There is no explanation.  None at all.

Links Between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

A few of these are actually a little depressing.

The Worst Video Game Cover Art of All Time!

Granted, we usually don't pay a lot of attention to the boxes that the games come in, but when we do... damn, some of this is BAD!

Smile, Dammit!

If you won't smile willingly, we will just have to make you do it.

The Dildomaker

Yes, ladies, it does exactly what you think it does, but don't go putting it on your Christmas list just yet!

Doing it Right

Here, we celebrate people living life right even if sometimes they look a little silly.

Nelson Mandela Art Illusion

This amazing art piece, symbolizing the 50 years since Nelson Mandella was arrested, puts a new angle on things.