Extreme Unicycling

Because that bike of yours?  It's made for pussies.

Good for Goodness' Sake!

The world needs more good blokes like these guys... and girls... and things.

Sam: The Cat with Eyebrows

Sam isn't worried... he always looks that way!

People Molesting Statues

How can you just still there and let this happen!?

The Plastic Bottle Car Canopy!

A designer from  Nebraska, created this beautiful canopy by stringing up recycled plastic bottles that are partially filled with colored liquid.  The result... something unique, fun, and something to keep his car cool!

Heartwarming Photos

If this doesn't warm the cockles of your dead black heart, then perhaps the people in Hell are missing you, Satan.

Giant Monster Caught in New Jersey

As if Jersey Shore hasn't given us enough reasons to avoid the Garden State, look at what was just pulled out of the water!

Rare Historical Photos

Some little known and less-seen photos from the last 200 years could have you seeing history for another new angle!

For the Gamers

Only the gamers will get this stuff, so the rest of you can go away.

Pug Man

You would think that people would learn not to let potentially embarrassing pictures of themselves get loose on the internet... but then again, if they learned that lesson, we wouldn't witness this level of fun!