Taxidermy by a Madman

I can only assume that the disturbed person who created these creatures has a death ray, a secret army of animal hybrids, and several bodies in his refrigerator.

Big Sweet Dogs

The bigger the better, some say and you don't get bigger or sweeter than some of these beautiful monsters. I would get one, but some of them poop bigger than my couch.

People Behind the Memes

For those of you who have never thought about who Bad Luck Brian or Good Guy Greg or any of the other people pictured in internet memes actually are, here is a look anyway.

Babies Being Cute

If this collection of animations does not make you feel happy, then you are a cold-hearted person and even puppies hate you.

More Unfortunate Ad Placement

Whoever it is who is supposed to be watching the placement of these ads is doing a bang up job. Seriously, we love him.

Mohawk Ad Man

For a modest fee, this guy will advertise your business on the billboard that nature and lots of product blessed him with!

Our Amazing Universe

Some strange, wonderful, bizarre, and beautiful random facts about this crazy space we live in.

Pictures from the 1930's

Interesting looks at the world as it was. From personal looks at famous people to technology you didn't know existed to stuff that will make you wonder how any of us got out of the decade alive!

The Best Pro-Gay Marriage Signs at the Supreme Court

While it's tragic that it's 2013 and we're still debating equality for citizens of the country, at least these supporters of gay marriage brought some levity to the proceedings.

Useless Advise from Woman's Magazines

This isn't a matter of opinion... this are some of the stupidest things I've ever seen printed.