Real Life Photo References for Famous Disney Characters

It's hard to draw someone from memory.  That's why Disney uses real people as references now, you're about to meet the flesh and blood behind the ink and paint.

Evil Easter Bunnies from Hell

I always thought there was something strange about giving your child to a six foot tall bunny for a picture, and these photos only prove my point. What hellish creations!

Childhood Destroyers

It's about time that you grew the hell up and noticed how screwed up a lot of your favorite cartoons were really messed up in many perverted ways.

The Abandoned Bible Theme Park

Holy Land USA is a Bible-Themed park that has been abandoned since 1984.  Where is your god now!?

Good Vibrations

There is nothing wrong with your screen and the picture has not been distorted... it's actually supposed to look this way.

A Soldier's Heart

Even the most damaged of us still possess human empathy and compassion and one of the best ways this is demonstrated is the way that soldier's care for animals even in times of war.

Epic Treehouse

This professionally designed tree house was commissioned by a family from Dallas for their grandchildren who now officially play in a nicer joint than I live in.

Amazing Student Textbook Doodles

I shouldn't condone the defacement of school property, but if I had a nickel for every time I doodled in a textbook during a boring class...

The Face of Regret

Do you have a tattoo you regret?  At least your judgment wasn't as bad as these folks!

The Room Portrait

Take a quick look at this work of art. Seems nice, but rather forgettable, right? Now take a closer look and you'll see what makes this portrait special...