Got 2 Grams for $40

Let's say there's a comedian and this comedian managed to get a bunch of his Twitter followers to take part in an experiment just to see what their parents would do if they sent a suspicious text.

Too Handsome for Saudi Arabia

Feast your eyes on Omar Borkan Al Gala, an actor who was recently deported from Saudi Arabia because the authorities there deemed him too good looking and feared that he would be too much of a temptation for the country's female population.

Behind the Scenes of The Empire Strikes Back

We've shown you pictures of the making of The Empire Strikes Back before, but we've come across a treasure trove of pictures from the movie that we hope you'll love.

Early Aviation Navigation Arrows
Just how did early airplanes know where to go?  The answer is both surprising and simple!

Star Wars: Behind the Scenes
Star Wars is a bona fide classic on all front, so when a treasure trove of rare and precious pictures resurface, of course we're going to display them!

The Last Photo

This is a collection of the last known images of famous people before they left this world what what lies beyond. This collection documents the expected and unexpected twilight of public lives.

The Crooked City

There is no photoshop trickery here, kids. Those are actual buildings and they are actually leaning like a row of dominos. I wish I could say that this was done on purpose...

Beaver Computer

Many of you will look at this series of pictures showing how to turn a stuffed beaver into a computer and question why it was done, but I prefer to look at these pictures and wonder why more people aren't turning beavers into computers.

You Had One Job!

Things and people doing simple things badly.

Real Life True Scary Ghost Pictures

Definite proof that life after death exists... or just a bunch of horseshit.  I'll let you decide.