Professors with a Sense of Humor

If I'm ever stupid enough to go back into teaching again, I'm going to become a professor. Apparently, they get away with a lot more assholery than I ever could.

In Case of Nuclear Attack...

An instructional pamphlet from the Cold War gives some pretty specific and quickly hilarious tips on how to survive World War III.

Google Kills a Cat

...and then, like remorseless killers, they try and hide the evidence.

Spider Eats Snake

Take a look at this Golden Orb Weaver spider enjoying a tasty snake snack.  More proof that everything in Australia wants to kill you.

The Common Potoo

It may have one of the funniest names in the animal kingdom and may look like an escaped Muppet, but the Common Potoo is actually an adorable pinnacle of birdie evolution.

Who Is This?

Can you guess the identity of this Hollywood legend from his younger days?

Live Wire

Are you a complete idiot and have always wondered exactly why you shouldn't touch live electrical wires? This should be enough to convince you to leave them the hell alone.

Heroic Mouse vs. Snake

It can be argued that the following images only show a mouse attacking a predator to save its own doomed skin, but could it also be that this mouse is showing the very human emotions of compassion, friendship, or possibly love?

Frosty Freezer Art

Every Friday, Philadelphia-based freelance designer and illustrator, Charlie Layton, draws on his refrigerator with dry erase marker and posts the amazing results on his Tumblr page.

Insane Subtitles

Take what is already a poorly written action movie and then give it to someone who can barely speak English to translate the thing and what do you have? A brand new accidental comedy!